You are probably already very successful in some areas of your life. Yet you have a feeling there is something more that you want to be doing, perhaps something of meaning to contribute to the world. It could be that you know what that is but need some help in bringing it. You may be experiencing a limitation that you want to move beyond.

Perhaps you would like to move through the world more freely, or have more clarity and focus about the direction you are flowing in, that is truly aligned with your innermost heart. You may wish for greater creativity or connection with others, or to look at the stories you are living through your body... what you want to hold on to, and what you are now ready to release, and explore creating elegant and effective new stories for yourself, and having those installed at a cellular level.

It could be that you are interested in exploring deeper, to see who you truly are and what moves you, and what wants to come to the surface or manifest through your being. Perhaps a greater connection with all of life's wonder and a desire to honour, serve and protect our beautiful Earth home.

You probably already have some sort of personal meditation or body-based practise, but if not we can also look at establishing one that works for you, together.