I create and offer a sacred space for us in beautiful woodland or
out on the magical salt marsh or at the sea in north Norfolk.
For particular focused deep bodywork, there is a lovely little cabin in the woodland
we can use with a massage table and woodburner for extra warmth.
Some home visits are possible, for an additional fee.

You can book a session with me simply for deep bodywork or massage therapy, or we may also explore with guided meditations, movement and somatic exercises, working with myths and archetypes, inner stories, rituals, voice or drumming journeywork.
We agree on what unfolds as we flow together.

I will listen to and with you and witness your process, holding safe sacred space. We may be outside walking or moving with nature, to help facilitate whatever wants to emerge, be released, expressed or newly discovered.

You will generally be fully clothed, though we may agree to work skin to skin if at any time we agree that some deep massage work would be useful. I will listen to your needs and work with you in whatever ways you feel comfortable.

I offer five 1 and a half hour sessions each week:
Mondays, 10.30am til 12.00pm / 12.30pm til 2.00pm / 2.30pm - 4pm
Wednesdays, 11.00am til 12.30pm and 1.00pm til 2.30pm

Pay what you feel moved to for these sessions, based on your level of generosity and abundance.
Suggested between 50 - 150.

I do want to make my work accessible to as many people as possible, and yet realise even with this sliding scale the orices may be prohibitive for some. I'm a solo home educating mama, and these two work days bring in much needed income to support me and my daughters. My workshops offer more possibilities to work with me at lower rates, and sometimes completely free of charge.

I also offer listening or witnessing or guided movement meditations and explorations via Zoom or Skype, usually an hour per session.
Suggested between 20 - 100.