After training in various forms of Chinese and Hawaiian bodywork and massage therapy, including Chi Nei Tsang, Pulsing, Acupressure and Reflexology, I undertook training in Process-Oriented Reichian Body Psychotherapy. For several years I worked with one-to-one with people, inviting expression and release of accumulated tensions and histories.

Subsequently, I created and ran the outdoors woodland community group Mighty Oaks which ran for six years, serving over 100 families all over Norfolk. I held a calm and grounded supportive space for groups of around 30 people three times per week, teaching about nature and traditional handcrafts whilst providing conversational counselling, and holding a circle in which I embodied story forms and song.

After time away from direct therapeutic work to birth and raise my two young daughters, I am returning to integrating this group and solo work, with aspects of my own personal movement practise and my training in Authentic Movement and witnessing. My intention with group movement spaces is to support whatever is wanting to be expressed by the collective, and supporting all of us to open to greater connection with Earth and the cosmos.

I bring in embodied form my own training and personal practise to the sacred space I hold:

I recently took an intensive training in Processwork with Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon in London, and also a weekend workshop with Arny & Amy Mindell, the founders of Processwork. Finding how it has always been underlying my practise methods, as several of my other teachers have trained in this methodology too, I'll be continuing to deepen my training here.

I am currently in depth work and training with Linda Hartley, exploring my own Authentic Movement practise and the development of impeccable witness presence.
I have undertaken most of her retreats and workshops exploring the somatic embodiment of mythologies and early embryonic development: Embodiment of Spirit, Wolf Woman, Bone Woman, Inanna : Ereshkigel.
In 2016 I set up a monthly meeting closed Authentic Movement practise group to work closely with a core group of movers. We are blessed to also have this space held by Linda Hartley.

I practised Contact Improvisation regularly and intensively for two years at Moving Arts Base in London in 2005-06, with Robert Anderson and various international visiting teachers. I also did a separate series of focused trainings with Robert, and now continue to work with him by bringing him to Norfolk to hold occasional day workshops.

I danced Five Rhythms regularly for many years, beginning in 2004 at Sue Rickard's twice weekly classes in London. I was fortunate to experience an amazing three day workshop with the late founder of this form, Gabrielle Roth. When I moved to Norfolk, I organised a monthly group led by Tim Broughton which continued for six years.

Kundalini yoga with Darryl O'Keefe way back in 1999 was perhaps my first route on this winding path unfolding. In 2007 I did a 30 day intensive residential yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Austria which gave me a good grounding in Hindu philosophy and body systems and indepth experiential study of twelve foundational postures.

I undertook an intensive naturopathic massage diploma training with Brandon Raynor which included acupressure and reflexology. It was such a good course and Brandon was such a gifted teacher, I did it twice. Between 2004 and 2008, I was regularly working one to one with clients practising holistic massage therapy and deep bodywork.

Since early days practising powerful Taoist internal organ energy meditations, my practise really deepened at a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat in Mexico in 2005. I continued with insight meditation for two hours every day for several years. Then I discovered Zen meditation during a stay at the Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in Hexham, Northumberland, which became my preferred method, whilst also exploring Thai Forest tradition - until a potent connection with Tibetan Buddhism arose at the end of 2016. I have undertaken many retreats at various Buddhist monasteries, in the UK and also in Japan.

In 2004 I began a series of full and intense trainings with Dr. Joseph Riggio centred in our somatic experience of how we know ourselves to be when we are at our best, and consciously moving somatically into flow states. We deepened the work in uncovering and embodying mythical narratives, based on The Hero's Journey work by Joseph Campbell, and exploring biological systems theory.
I undertook months of various trainings, towards becoming a trainer in the process, which also included NLP master trainer certification, Exquisite Performance Coaching and Milton Erickson based conversational hypnosis training as well as his somatic movement workshop Dance of the Elements.
Dr. Riggio continues to be a valued and trusted mentor to me, and I took another two week intensive Mythoself training with him in 2018.

In 2004 - 2005 I did an advanced training in Process-Oriented Deep Bodywork, with specialisation in Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration, with Silke Ziehl at the Open Centre in London. I also completed her workshops in Sexuality and the Heart Connection and Hawaiian Pulsing.
During this time I was also receiving weekly intensive 2 hour deep bodywork treatments for two years with Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar.

Between 1999 - 2003 I was immersed in extensive Taoist training and practise with Kris Deva North at the London Tao Centre, with several weekly classes in powerful Taoist visualisation meditations and Tai Chi and Chi Kung groups. I was also a member of the Jade Circle women's energy cultivation group exploring Jade Egg practises. I trained in chi massage for the vital organs - Chi Nei Tsang, and took numerous workshops and weekend retreats based on the work of Mantak Chia, including Foundation, 1, 2 and 3, Fusion of the Five Elements, Taoist Tantra, Taoist Shamanism, plus the 7 day intensive summer silent retreat : 'Kan & Li' in Devon.